Small streams

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    Fly fishing doesn’t have to be hard

    I love to cast a long line, but it doesn’t happen often. If I do, it is ideally with no false casts. The longer my fly is in the air, the more likely it will be caught by a bush. Fewer false casts also means my fly is in or on the water in front of fish longer

    By Jim Strogen I loved "A River Runs Through It." I had been fly fishing about 30 years before I saw the film, and appreciated the artistry in Jason Borger's casts -- Borger was the "double" for Brad Pitt, and he's the one casting in the movie. When I see new fly fishers getting started,…

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    Blue lines and social distancing

    Learning solid fishing skills on small water helps you with all angling situations

    A lot of anglers look at small water and turn up their noses. The fish aren't as big, they might opine. It's just too easy, others might say, opting instead for the "challenges" posed by big rivers. Truth is, fishing small water makes anglers better, more accurate casters who have developed innate tools to work…