• Childs Brook New Hampshire: A project worth the wait

    Childs Brook, a tributary of the Ammonoosuc River remains challenged by a series of barriers to fish migration on its path to the Connecticut River. However, a major stride for watershed connectivity has been established by recent completion of a culvert replacement project where West Bath Road crosses the stream.  A priority list of culverts…

  • Restoration

    Escaping Upstream

    Both anglers and trout find less stress upstream

    Both anglers and trout find less stress upstream Upon crossing the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I exhaled and slowed a bit. The speed limit drops from the Lower Peninsula, but so does the pace of life as the highway crosses through friendly small towns and across seemingly countless trout rivers and…

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    New York’s “Barrier Busters” on a roll

    On a recent early fall day, Tracy Brown and Jesse Vadala connected to reflect on what had been an extremely busy several months for them and the rest of TU’s Northeast Coldwater Habitat Program. “It can be a bit of a slog,” Brown said of TU’s field season, which generally wraps up in October for…

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    Fishing in the Farm Bill

    When you think of Farm Bill conservation, what comes to mind? Maybe fields full of pheasants or ringed by deer stands. Prairie potholes for waterfowl. What about fish – perhaps a little farm pond full of bluegills and bass? Farm Bill conservation programs actually fund a significant amount of coldwater conservation across the country, and…