• Trout Talk

    Why fly fishing is like pizza

    Pizza is pizza, right?  A little crust, a little sauce, some cheese… bada-bing! There you go. Not hardly! Perish that thought. Great pizza is an artform. It should be a perfect balance involving great crust, delicious sauce, golden cheese and fantastic toppings. If any of those four elements are deficient in any way… meh pizza!  The operative word…

  • Gear reviews

    Umpqua tarpon flies worked their magic in Mexico

    Since I lived in a landlocked state and only chase salty fish occasionally, I always find myself questioning my fly choice. Luckily, the team at Umpqua set us up with some nice boxes of flies to chase baby tarpon. We boarded the plane in Durango donning masks and carrying our rods and reels for our…