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    The True Cast: In fly fishing, failure IS an option… (and that’s just fine).

    I’ve found that the most dedicated anglers tend to be those who relish challenges, even simple ones like, “how am I going to trick that creature, hiding behind that rock, to eat this fly?”

    While I was fishing the Delaware River with him several years ago, my friend, author Monte Burke, summed up the entire fly-fishing experience with succinct aplomb: “At the end of the day,” he said, “it’s really just about problem solving, like putting pieces of a puzzle together.” How true! And I’ve found that the most…

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    TU Business: Barbless Flies

    Barbless Flies is one of a handful of international TU Business members. They’re great promoters of ethical fish handling and the work of Trout Unlimited.

    I’m a big fan of barbless hooks, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. Experience has taught me that fish are easier to release when you use a barbless hook, and science has taught me that we kill fewer fish when we go barbless. But you have to wonder why we continue to buy…

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    Why fly fishing is like pizza

    Pizza is pizza, right?  A little crust, a little sauce, some cheese… bada-bing! There you go. Not hardly! Perish that thought. Great pizza is an artform. It should be a perfect balance involving great crust, delicious sauce, golden cheese and fantastic toppings. If any of those four elements are deficient in any way… meh pizza!  The operative word…