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    Three little nymphs

    I love the way Matt Callies from Loon ties flies. Check that. I love the way he converses when he ties flies. You can tell Callies is a fly fishing guide and not just a vise junkie. He fishes what he ties, and he's pretty pragmatic about what comes from his vise when all…

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    The Western Coachman

    I love old-school flies. I think it comes from my involvement, many years ago, with the Trout Unlimited chapter in Salida, Colo., when I was the news editor of the local paper there. After penetrating the initial crustiness of the "old timers" at the chapter meetings, I made some great friends there, and these guys…

  • Fly tying Fishing TROUT Magazine

    Choosing CDC material

    CDC, or cul-de-canard, is the soft, fluffy material that comes from around the preening gland of a duck or goose. Despite its fluffy nature, CDC really does float pretty well, and a lot of folks use it when tying emergers and the like. Above, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions talks about the differences between…