• From the President

    Four lessons from Espiritu Santo Bay

    A blue-collar angler tangles with permit

    A blue-collar angler tangles with permit A friend describes me as a “blue-collar fisherman.” I love to fly fish, but also love to spin cast, and occasionally baitfish for table fare, usually down the Jersey shore. On the Potomac, I have saturated Clouser minnows in old hummus to go after big blue cats, a terribly…

  • Gear reviews

    RIO’s Elite Tarpon line did the trick

    An angler casts to tarpon in Mexico.

    It might sounds counterintuitive, especially to new anglers, but having a good line can make a long day of casting heavy fly rods much less exhausting. Having just recovered from a year and a half worth of cancer treatments, I was grateful for that fact. On our recent trip to Tarpon Cay Lodge in Rio…

  • Voices from the river Featured

    The Drunken Two-step

    The panga makes for an unsteady dance floor

    Fly fishing from a boat is a dance, rarely elegant and frequently anything but.  While some watercrafts and bodies of water are more conducive to shaking a leg while wetting a line, a partly covered panga (which truthfully only accommodates approximately 1.5 fly anglers) rolling with tide of the Pacific Ocean will never be high on the list of suitable dance floors. South of the border and 4,500 miles away from the glacial rivers and cold creeks that I call home,…