• Trout Talk

    Enjoy fall’s reds but avoid its redds

    The colors of fall excite my retinas. Green leaves slowly fade as dormancy becomes them — it's their yearly retreat so they can prepare for renewal come spring. Yellows are most common out west, but we also have vibrant oranges and even some reds. Oranges and reds of the changing scrub oaks and wild strawberries…

  • Science

    Redd surveys shaping priorities in Michigan’s Pere Marquette

    By Jake Lemon  Michigan’s Pere Marquette River offers anglers unique year-round opportunities to fish for a diverse array of salmonid species, including brook trout, brown trout, steelhead, and coho and chinook salmon.   Despite healthy overall conditions on the river — a federally designated Wild and Scenic River and a state-designated Natural River and Blue Ribbon Trout Stream — there are opportunities to improve its ecological condition through restoration…