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    Tips for fishing the Driftless in late winter

    Winter and early spring fishing can be remarkably good in the Driftless Area. However, flexibility is the name of the game in low temperatures.    Generally, I favor the classic slow and deep approach. If I see no visible rises, I start out indicator fishing with a scud or a caddis on point and a Brassie…

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    Native and wild

    A few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was catching wild trout in western North Carolina with a guide who had rejoined TU because the local chapter decided to stop helping the state to stock hatchery fish, and instead chose to focus exclusively on creating the flow and habitat conditions necessary to support wild and…

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    No shame

    A couple weeks ago a buddy posted on social media a picture of himself holding a large brown trout with a brief caption: “No shame.” No additional information was necessary.  The other prop in the photo, the one in addition to the gorgeous 22-inch brown, was a spinning rod. The fish hit a large Rapala,…