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A Nation’s River

In the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia small streams tumble through hollows choked with hardwoods and laurel. In the valleys, creeks are born at gurgling limestone springs.  Generations ago there were trophy-sized native brook trout here. But as our nation grew the health of these creeks and these trout was an afterthought. Man’s impact damaged trout streams and trout populations. 

‘A Nation’s River’ highlights TU’s efforts in the Potomac headwaters

Dustin Wichterman lives trout.  By day he manages Trout Unlimited’s restoration and protection work in the Potomac headwaters.  Most of the rest of the time he’s either fishing for trout or dreaming about fishing for trout.  And a big part of that dream is that one day the Potomac headwaters will again regularly churn out native brook trout pushing

Trout Unlimited Partners with Dominion to Restore Potomac River Headwater StreamsNew director hired to oversee collaborative initiative

11/3/2005 November 3, 2005 Contact: Bryan Moore, TU Project Director, (304) 641-2658, or Bob Fulton, Dominion, (304) 627-3200, Trout Unlimited Partners with Dominion to Restore Potomac River Headwater Streams New director hired to oversee collaborative initiative WASHINGTON — The national conservation organization Trout Unlimited (TU) today announced a new watershed restoration initiative in

Fishing is far more than just… fishing.

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Fletcher’s Cove is among the finest urban fisheries in the country. Anglers ply its waters for white perch in February. Really big striped bass then follow the forage fish up from Chesapeake Bay. In March, the hickory and American shad appear…

Reconnecting trout and people in West Virginia

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Replacing an undersized culvert with this bridge not only reduced flooding risks on a small tributary to the Capacon River in West Virginia, it reconnected 4.5 miles of native brook trout habitat. (Photo: Abby McQueen, TU stream restoration specialist) By Brooke Andrew The Trout Unlimited field staff in West Virginia are firm believers in our

West Virginia inn owner visits DC to tout restoration economy

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As a business owner, Jeff Munn knows it makes sense to understand his customers.  One word kept coming up when Munn started tracking the activities of guests at the bed and breakfast he and his wife operate near Franklin, W.Va. Trout. “When we started asking people why they were coming to Pendleton County, nearly 20

The Clean Water Act: An American success story

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Editor’s note: This column was originally published in the Washington Post on Sept. 23, 2019 The announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency was scrapping Obama-era rules designed to protect small streams and wetlands made me recall a misty morning this spring on the Potomac River above Georgetown. I brought a striped bass, locally known as

Thinking downstream

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Casey working a hickory shad “Would you pick Larry Bird or Magic? Who is better Michael or LeBron? Would you take Russell Westbrook or Steph Curry?” For two hours, every few minutes, the questions came. Casey is 13, and a big kid. He hit a dinger in each of his last three baseball games. We

Brook trout habitat restoration in the Potomac Headwaters

Goals The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is drained by a portion of the mighty Potomac River, and has abundant trout resources. The region is graced with Karst, limestone geology that provides streams with cold buffered spring water. The panhandle boasts three intact native brook trout fisheries located within the Monongahela and the George Washington

Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s grant funds fish passage work in Appalachia 

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Anyone who shops at Bass Pro Shops knows that the retail stalwart and its sister store, Cabela’s aren’t just about bass.  Nor is the company’s charitable foundation.  A grant from the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund recently helped Trout Unlimited’s staff in the mid-Atlantic continue to make progress in its ambitious fish passage

Making headway in headwaters: 2017 a big year for restoration in WV

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TU’s work in West Virginia is improving conditions for trophy wild brook trout such as this 15-inch fish. By Mandy Nix Some have said that our history is in our trees, but for many others, there’s a blueprint of history in every ripple of water. It’s in the icy trickle from a limestone spring, and

What’s good for the forest is good for the trout

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Volunteers plant trees along a small stream in the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. Healthy riparian buffers are important for streams. By Steve Moyer Healthy trees, in addition to Trout Unlimited members and mayflies, has to be high on a trout’s best friends list. That is why TU is applauding Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) for

Changes to the Clean Water Rule have big impacts on the ground

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High in the headwaters of Back Creek in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are several small streams that only run after it rains. Those “ephemeral” tributaries to Back Creek, a wild brook trout stream that also holds browns and rainbows, intersect with the proposed 600-mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a project that

Fishing in the Farm Bill

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Farm Bill conservation programs actually fund a significant amount of coldwater conservation across the country, and Trout Unlimited leverages several Farm Bill programs to improve and restore coldwater streams for trout, salmon, and people.