Shauna Stephenson

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    Restoring the Lower Snake

    The final sign-off of a plan that would maintain the status quo for the Lower Snake River was no surprise last week. However, a letter from the Nez Perce Tribe declining a memorandum of understanding between the tribe, the Bonneville Power Administration, Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation reminded us what strong leadership…

  • A Tribute to Gary Fredricks (and the many public servants like him)

    By Rob Masonis In the world of salmon conservation, criticizing government agencies can be a popular sport.  By nature they are easy targets: faceless, powerful, bureaucratic and slow to evolve even in the face of glaring need to do so.    But often overlooked and underappreciated are the many well-intentioned, dedicated individuals working within those agencies.  Public servants like Gary Fredricks, a fish biologist who worked in the National Marine Fisheries Service for more than 30 years to improve fish passage systems at federal dams on the…

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    Calm advice

    Monday At 3 p.m., my iPad dings with a message from the Calm app. “Your inner peace is a gift that keeps on giving,” says the app. It's tailor made for this audience of one, downloaded in the early days of the pandemic, back when we were all trying to figure out how to be a…