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    Fish from space: NASA extends TU science grant

    By Helen Neville and Dan Dauwalter When TU staff consider who might be valuable partners in our conservation work, we typically think of state fish and wildlife agencies, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, or the U.S. Forest Service, to name a few. We certainly don’t usually think of NASA.…

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    Parasites in brook trout on the rise

    Gill lice in a Wisconsin brook trout. Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited. By Jack Williams In Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources staff are finding increasing rates of gill lice parasitism in brook trout as waters warm. In North Carolina, the same gill lice have been found for the first time on brook trout from…

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    Introducing: Bristol Bay Ambassadors

    About the Bristol Bay Ambassadors Series The fight to protect Bristol Bay is about more than a giant mine, or even salmon…it's about people, and families and community. It’s about overcoming challenges, standing up for what is right, and believing that together we can achieve results that last far beyond our lifetime. TU’s Save Bristol Bay Campaign is…