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    Quick Tip: Girth hitch your cam straps

    All it really consists of is using a girth hitch to attach your cam-strap to the frame, d-ring ... whatever really

    Look at 10 different rafts and you most likely see 10 different ways to rig the exact same thing. Almost every time I go out on a trip with other folks for an extended period of time, I learn something about rigging. Some good, some bad, and some will change the way you do things…

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    Record-low flows make floating the Smith a bad bet

    Typical spring flows on Montana's Smith River are completely navigable. But last week, the river's flows hit an all-time low of 116 cfs. Greg McReynolds photo. Montana’s fabled Smith River at the Eagle Creek gauge shattered a low-flow record last week, and the outlook for anglers with float permits this summer is beyond bleak.  As…

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    Two products from Yeti every river rat should consider

    Our good friend Geoff Mueller who's an author, editor and migratory gear geek is spending the summer living in Dutch John, Utah, perched in his camper above the A section of the Green River. He and his wife Kat who manages Western Rivers Flyfisher and Guide Service are as hardcore as it gets on the…

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    Low water, big problems

    Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. You’d think I was checking the score for game seven of the World Series, but I wasn’t. Obsessively, I hit refresh on my trusty Riverbrain app no less than 50 times the day before our trip hoping to see the spike go up on our beloved Colorado River. But the flows didn’t…

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    Quick tip: Wrap your glass in duct tape

    Most folks know that taking glass containers on rubber rafts is almost always is a no-no. The idea is simple and and, in my mind, pretty much common sense. You break a glass container on the boat there's a real chance you might pop your boat. Plus it's incredibly hard to clean up in a…

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    Twenty tips on how to take better photos on the water

    Part two Editor's note: This is the second installment in a two-part series. Read part one here. Cameras have gotten faster, cheaper and a whole lot more powerful. Almost everyone owns a camera or has a very powerful one in their phone and, therefore, everyone can be a photographer. While “happy snaps” can do a…

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    It’s National Fishing and Boating Week

    Here's how you can celebrate all across the country It’s National Fishing and Boating Week across the country. As witnessed by many last year during the height of the pandemic people all across the country turned to the outdoors to provide themselves and their families with the space they needed to be with their loved…