Arctic grayling

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    BLM proposes safeguards for Arctic fish and wildlife habitat

    The opportunity to protect a vast swath of public land does not come around often. This September, the Biden Administration announced a rulemaking to protect 13 million acres of public land from oil and gas leasing within the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A). Northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Photo by Bob Wick (BLM) Protection of…

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    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

    “Arctic grayling,” I responded without batting an eye. “I’ve never even seen one, let alone fished for them before. It’ll signify just how far from home I am on this trip.”

    An Arctic grayling from Alaska. Gabby Mordini photo. Western Native Trout Challenge: Arctic grayling Editor’s note: Daniel Ritz is fishing across the Western United States this summer in an attempt to accomplish the Master Caster class of the Western Native Trout Challenge. He will attempt to land each of the 20 native trout species in their historical ranges of the 12…

  • The Arctic grayling: all you need to know

    Arctic grayling are easily recognized due to their large and colorful dorsal fin. Chris Hunt photo. Arctic Grayling (Thymallus arcticus) Species Summary and Status: The Arctic grayling is a cool or cold- freshwater species in the same family (salmonidae) as salmon, trout and whitefish. The defining characteristic of this fish is its large, sail-like dorsal…

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    Grayling giggles on the Gulkana

    Her infectious grayling giggles mirrored the steady stream of top-water action so well that none of us had to look to know the story

    Arctic grayling from the Gulkana River.

    It took time, but I finally learned that you cannot wholly recreate a successful trip. My best advice? Don’t even try. Any attempt to do so immediately sets you up for disappointment and, in all honesty, undercuts the thrill of the trip. Every adventure is bound to be a little different, and wiser heads will nod as I add that this dash of uniqueness is part of the curiosity, and appeal, that…

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    How grayling are propagated across the Centennial State

    Arctic grayling provide a unique angling opportunity in Colorado.

    By Jason Clay Just upstream of Joe Wright Reservoir, Colorado Parks and Wildlife aquatic biologists, technicians, researchers and hatchery personnel conducted its annual spawning operation for a fish that most Coloradans might be surprised to find here in the Rocky Mountains. Arctic grayling were first stocked in Colorado in the late 1890s, but it wasn't…