Costa 5 Rivers

  • Headwaters

    TU Costa 5 Rivers Club Spotlight: Appalachian State

    The art of fly fishing is rapidly spreading to young men and women thanks to the dedication of the Appalachian State University fly fishing club.

    TU Costa 5 Rivers Club Spotlight: Appalachian State Appalachian State CU Boulder Fort Lewis College Bucknell University Sewanee: The University of the South Washington and Lee University Advancing as anglers on and off the water In the town of Boone, North Carolina, there is something special happening. The art of fly fishing is rapidly spreading…

  • Headwaters Youth

    About a Program Called Headwaters

    Young girl with small trout in glass of water

    It happens a lot, a phone call or email exchange with a TU volunteer or staffer that usually goes something like “What? TU has a youth program? I had no idea.” Their surprise evolves into interest as they learn more about a program called Headwaters, which uses an effective blend of fly fishing and watershed…

  • Snake River dams

    Tune in: Why now is the time for the Snake

    Listen to the Emerging podcast, then visit tu.org/lowersnake to take action and help restore Snake River salmon and steelhead. As anglers, many of us feel an innate duty to protect the places we love to fish. Our rivers, lakes and oceans are home to millions of species, and sometimes they need our help. Pacific Northwest…