critical minerals

  • Government Affairs

    Congress must act to reform ancient mining laws

    Abandoned hard-rock mines create some of the most significant water quality problems facing our country, but in Congress we have an opportunity to invest in cleaning up pollution of the past, while modernizing our mining laws so we don’t face the same issues in the future. With an estimated $54 billion in cleanup costs and tens of thousands of abandoned mines polluting our lands and waters, action is long…

  • Angler Conservation Program

    Digging deeper into critical minerals

    If you'll recall, the Biden administration recently released it's 100-day review of critical mineral supply chains. As promised we are taking a deeper dive into how that report reflects on our tenets. Read on to find out how the Biden administration's recommendations stack up against our own tenets. Tenet 1: Before seeking new sources of raw…

  • Advocacy

    Mining for answers on critical minerals

    On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced key findings in the 100-day supply chain review required by an executive order issued in February. The report, Building Resilient Supply Chains, Revitalizing American Manufacturing, and fostering Broad-based Growth, covers a wide range of supply chain issues, including critical minerals. But what do supply chains and critical minerals have to do…

  • Science

    TU advocacy is grounded in science

    Picturing somebody standing in a river staring at a fish while wearing a white lab coat and protective goggles for no reason might be what people think of when they hear the title Trout Unlimited scientist.  While there is an outside chance that might happen, in reality the 30 or so TU staff with a…