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  • Fishing

    Fly Fish to find Grace

    On this World Mental Health Day take some time to rejuvenate yourself and go fly fishing! Fly fishing can easily be mistaken for escapism. We anglers fly off to far flung locations in search of fish we can fool into our nets with a small fly. Sure, many of these spots are spectacular, some of…

  • From the President

    Be well. Fish on.

    When this group gets together, it’s much more than a fishing trip.

    Three men stand by a river looking at the same thing

    "Be well. Fish on." Stewart Brown wrote those words with his finger on the rear window of a friend’s dusty pick-up after a day of fishing in Colorado. It was three days before he would go into surgery for brain cancer. A few of his friends noted how much peace fishing gave Stewart through his…

  • Video spotlight

    Watch Now: The Studio

    Smiling man holds a net next to a river

    Scot Simmons has dealt with various forms of anxiety, PTSD and depression for most of his adult life. He is committed to creating a better life for himself and others, and he strives to be a better role model for his own family. Premiering on YouTube, a new film from Trout Unlimited highlighting @twincitiestuboard member Scot…

  • Community TROUT Magazine

    Rescued by Fly Fishing

    The tones went off at about 2:30 a.m., and I rolled out of my bunk at the fire station, rubbing sleep from my eyes. I stepped into my bunker gear and slid my arms into the sleeves of my coat like an automaton. The dispatcher’s voice was calm and measured despite her dire message: “Engine…

  • Community

    Simms Head Coach

    What happened when the Montana fishing gear manufacturer took on mental health amid a global pandemic Anglers know that fly fishing can be a mental health salve to help get through the crazy times, but in recent years the fishing gear company Simms has taken it one step further to help build mental resiliency for…

  • Community TROUT Magazine

    Behind the Cover: ‘Want to see something cool?’

    Gary LaFontaine characterized fly fishing as the the pursuit of perfect moments, and I like to think this image is a good expression of that idea.

    My friend Ethan Winchester and I had met up in the northern tip of Michigan for a day of remote, small-stream brook trout fishing. After a session of sunrise bow-and-arrow casting in an open meadow, we hopped back into the truck and Ethan asked, “Want to see something cool?” We went to an upper reach…