mine reclamation

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    Senate passes ‘transformational’ infrastructure bill for fish

    Let’s face it: the word infrastructure suggests concrete, rebar and L.A. freeway interchanges rather than productive coldwater fisheries and a fine day of wading a clear, cold trout stream. Yet infrastructure is mission-critical for Trout Unlimited. That’s why TU has launched groundbreaking programs such as the Salmon SuperHwy in Oregon. The infrastructure bill includes $1…

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    Reams Construction helps reclaim mine site in southwest Colorado

    Recently, TU partnered Reams Construction on just this type of project. Reams won a competitive bid for the Atlas Mine and Mill reclamation project outside of Ouray, Colo. This project sits on the edge of a 100-year floodplain on Sneffels Creek where the former Atlas Mill stood years ago

    Editor's note: TU works with some extremely talented characters while developing and completing projects in the field that help make fishing better. We are excited to bring you a series highlighting these Contractors. We hire equipment operators, truck drivers, laborers, material suppliers, engineers, technicians, and water testing labs. They are unique, talented, humble and some are downright wild, but TU’s contractors…

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    Mine reclamation takes partners

    Partnerships are critical to getting large tasks accomplished. That’s true in nearly every aspect of Trout Unlimited’s work: from getting legislation passed to ensuring clean water for anglers and access to public lands to habitat improvement projects to help restore native fisheries, and most certainly, for the complex nature of abandoned mine cleanup.    Near Crested Butte, Colo., and up…