• From the President

    A ‘grand bargain’ on mining

    Meeting America’s clean energy needs & reforming outdated mining laws American Fork Creek, located about halfway between Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah, harbors populations of a rare native trout called the Bonneville cutthroat. Twenty years ago, I stood on its banks looking out over the dirt bike paths and all-terrain vehicle trails crisscrossing mining…

  • Advocacy

    On Capitol Hill, TU Offers Pragmatic Solutions on Mining Reform

    Good Samaritan Bill Receives Praise in Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Mining Reform On Capitol Hill yesterday, Trout Unlimited CEO Chris Wood testified in the Public Lands, Forests, and Mining Subcommittee of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee about two pieces of mining legislation: the Mining Regulatory Clarity Act of 2023, introduced by subcommittee chair…

  • Advocacy

    Fishing for Answers to the Critical Minerals Conundrum

    TU continues to focus on mining issues, policy changes and water quality impacts so you can focus on fishing.

    A clean energy future and healthy watersheds depend on policy solutions for responsible mining. And we’re on it.    Let’s be honest, when you’re out on a river fishing, mining is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. And that’s understandable; it’s hard to focus on one of the biggest challenges of our time while…

  • Climate Change

    Mining for answers on climate

    Ahead of the next U.S. mining boom, we need to stand up for clean rivers and wild trout You may have heard the saying, “If it’s not grown, it’s mined.” As consumers of products that include materials produced from mines—graphite for fly rods, tungsten and copper for flies, and aluminum for reels—anglers recognize that we…

  • Advocacy

    4 bills to keep the West wild

    With record high temperatures and historically low water levels, Congress needs to act quickly to conserve and protect some of America’s most cherished places With an estimated 47 percent of Western trout habitat at risk of being lost by 2080, Trout Unlimited is working to conserve public lands and fish habitat, and mitigate the impacts…