• Conservation

    Three things the Rubies taught me

    The TU community has spent countless hours fishing the Ruby marshes and has dedicated years to protecting the region from oil and gas development via the Ruby Mountains Protection Act.  

    “Do you need a reminder on how to cast?” Trout Unlimited’s Nevada Field Coordinator, Pam Harrington, asked Zoe and I as she handed us each a fly rod.   With smiles to match the cloudless October sky above the vast valley we fished in, we exclaimed “Yes!”  The weaving marshes of Nevada’s Ruby Lake National Wildlife…

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    Four refuges to add to your summer bucket list

    As you make your to-fish-list for the summer, don’t overlook these hidden gems.

    As the days get longer and the weather warms up, it’s natural to feel excited to go outside and float rivers, fish streams, and hike trails. No matter what part of the country you live in, there’s always a new place to explore. Although they are sometimes overlooked, we recommend visiting a National Wildlife Refuge…

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    Everything you wanted to know: Lahontan cutthroat trout

    Lahontan cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi) Species Summary and Status: The Lahontan cutthroat trout is native to the Lahontan Basin of northern Nevada, northeastern California, and southeastern Oregon.  One of the oldest lineages of cutthroat trout, it originally inhabited the ancient Lahontan Basin at least several 100,000 years ago.  As of publication, 72 self-sustaining Lahontan…

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    Unwrapping genetic gifts that tell meaningful stories of trout

    Lately I’ve been ruminating about why I love genetics, a wonky field of numbers and theory where a true understanding of results only happens long after the field season — in an office, on a computer at that. Every time I get new genetic results it’s like receiving a surprise gift. So many processes — all this history we can’t see — shape the genes of all organisms, including fish. The genetic patterns we uncover, then, tell us real and important things about the conservation needs of these fish. …

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    Nevada’s Ruby Mountains important for deer and trout

    The Ruby Mountains are an important refuge for wildlife in Nevada. The U.S Geological Survey has classified the area as having very low-to-no energy potential. Trout Unlimited photo. By Pam Harrington Special places bring people together. People with fond memories of hunting, fishing, birding, hiking and those with ancestral roots to the Ruby Mountains recently…