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    For a change, try the ‘Technique Slam’

    Forget about 'how many?' and 'how big?' Instead, try this antidote to the tired pursuit of same ol', same ol'.

    Two weeks on sabbatical, and I’ve been, well, fishing my butt off. I’ll be honest. I embarked on this break with the goal of hoping to reconnect with the feelings of why I so deeply love this fly-fishing fascination in the first place. Been a little jaded by the crowds, the commercialism, and all that…

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    High-sticking with an indicator

    Indicator nymphing has long been an accepted method for reaching trout that are feeding throughout the water column. But not everybody employs the high-stick method when using an indicator, and they should. It really improves your chances. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQYqExJ--cc Orvis' Pete Kutzer on high-sticking with an indicator. Above, Orvis' Pete Kutzer demonstrates how to incorporate a…