rainbow trout

  • Something about Beginners Luck and Big Bows

    There was a circulation of steam from hot coffee and one’s breath as excited chatter filled the crisp fall morning air. Though the morning was cold, hearts were warm, and the anticipation of tight lines was on the mind. The day had finally come for the Armed Forces Fishing trip! Morning huddle before a day…

  • Fishing

    Your next secret spot might be right under your nose

    “He was right!” My friend Sam Dean exclaimed this as the 10-inch wild rainbow jumped around the small pool trying to throw Sam’s size 16 Copper John nymph, which it had mistaken for actual food. “He” was the guy who had told me a while back that a certain non-trout-looking creek was actually quite trout-y.…

  • Fishing Women Youth

    Joy and Wonder

    I caught my first fish with a fine, mesh net in the creek behind my childhood home. The silver minnow measured no more than a couple inches, but your uncle and I placed it and a couple others in a bucket and carried them into our house like treasures pulled from the deep. We kept…

  • Fishing Advocacy Climate Change

    Working towards a solution

    Montana TU is collaborating and trying to come up with answers and solutions for trout health issues in SW Montana. Early this summer, biologists with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) presented stark findings from this year’s population surveys for brown and rainbow trout in southwest Montana. The surveys indicated that populations in some of…

  • From the field

    Sampling the southern Sierra

    River in forrest with mountains in Sequoia National Park

    A TU chapter partners with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to search for pure Kern River rainbow trout in its spectacular native range  In the summer of 2022, Jim Correa, president of TU’s Central Sierra Chapter, backpacked 30 miles with a 35-pound pack into one of the most remote places in the Lower…