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    Honoring a lost angling mentor

    Inspired by a fly fishing camp for kids that Jackson Hole guide Spencer Morton ran for years, Beckett Maher founded a local stream cleanup crew for teenagers.

    In memory of the beloved founder of the Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School, local teenagers are cleaning up waters he cherished Last May, we lost John Spencer “Spence” Morton, founder of the Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School. He was only 38, but he left many indelible moments with so many in the community, not to…

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    River treasures

    Over the years on countless rivers and streams, I’ve found treasures. When the fishing slows or just for a change of pace, I walk around with my head down. It’s amazing what you can find. Of course, there’s the disappointing: tippet or leader pieces, shotgun shell casings, spent bobbers and the make-me-want-to-pull-my-hair-out cigarette butts and plastic water bottles. But…