• Trout Talk

    Is ‘destination marketing’ bad for our fishy resources?

    Oh, those innocent little hashtags. I’m in Vermont at the annual Outdoor Writers Association of America’s annual conference, and I just stepped out of a session about how writers, communicators and influencers can work with destinations to promote the activities at those destinations to encourage readers and viewers to take the plunge and take a…

  • Trout Talk

    So, you want to write about fly fishing?

    Writer Kirk Deeter taking notes on a layover in Prince Albert, Sask., Canada, en route to Lake Athabasca. Chris Hunt photo. “How in the heck did I ever end up here?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times over.  Sipping icy Coca-Cola at a Bolivian army base with El Comandante, as my four Argentine and…

  • Boats

    TU Tested: Sea Run rod and gear cases

    From the moment I spied the photos and read snippets about Sea Run cases from Italian high-end gun case maker Negrini, I knew they had made something special. I’ve made my own fly rod cases multiple times, and used about every manufacturer’s version over the years for both travel and extended float/road trips. Most of…

  • Gear reviews

    Umpqua tarpon flies worked their magic in Mexico

    Since I lived in a landlocked state and only chase salty fish occasionally, I always find myself questioning my fly choice. Luckily, the team at Umpqua set us up with some nice boxes of flies to chase baby tarpon. We boarded the plane in Durango donning masks and carrying our rods and reels for our…

  • TROUT Magazine

    The beauty of close

    Sheer granite cliffs rose out of Lost Lake where I pulled my first small brook trout out of the water, an elk hair caddis in its mouth. Scarlet Indian paintbrush, yellow glacier lilies and purple elephant head padded the banks of the next lake like a cheery grandmother’s doormat. White and blue columbines clung to…

  • Fishing

    John Gierach: The Secret

    A few years back, Gray Ghost Productions crafted a fly fishing film about Atlantic salmon. It was called "Turning Tail," and it featured John Gierach, the renowned author and angler whose books line the shelves of avid trout bums everywhere. The film was about the value of the Atlantic salmon and the tragedy that would…