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New Great Website – Same Great Leaders Only Tools

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/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/blog/New-Website.JPG In the coming days, Trout Unlimited will be unveiling our new website – a site that captures the passion we all feel about conservation, fishing and protecting the places we love. It makes it faster, easier, and more exciting to learn how you and TU are making a difference, and connect with other s

Important TU Policies

Important TU Policies This section of the Tacklebox is designed as a one-stop-shop for all of TU’s Board approved policies that have application for chapters and councils. The Board of Trustees of Trout Unlimited is responsible for the overall management of TU, including assuring the operations of TU chapters and councils are consistent with TU’s

Volunteer Tacklebox

Top Tacklebox resources for volunteers Click the buttons below to jump straight to the Tacklebox section or resources you need. Click here for a roadmap of all the resources you can find in the Tacklebox. Scroll down to view all the Tacklebox sections.


For our most up-to-date documents, policies, tips and tools, visit the youth section of the TU Volunteer Tacklebox

Contact Volunteer Operations

Your volunteer operations staff is here to help you and your local chapter or state council bring TU’s mission to life in your home waters and build community around it. Reach out to us for support and guidance on all aspects of TU volunteer leadership, and don’t forget to check out the resources found in

Grassroots Advocacy

TU relies on volunteer leaders working in collaboration with staff to deliver on the mission through advocacy, hands-on restoration and community engagement work. Because TU members have rolled rocks, planted willows, picked up trash, taught the next generation of local kids to fish and care about the resource, and much more… when TU members speak-up

Liability and Risk Management

The goals of this section of the Tacklebox are to help TU chapter and council volunteers increase their awareness of risks, the importance of incorporating the concept of risk management into their planning efforts, and their general understanding of TU’s insurance policies. Because every situation is different (due to location, audience, activity, season, etc…) you

Responsible Mining and Energy Workgroup

The Responsible Mining and Energy Workgroup focuses on efforts to protect coldwater fisheries from the various modes of energy production: coal and hard rock mining, oil and gas drilling, wind, solar and nuclear. The goals of this workgroup are: 1. Provide a set of useful tools former chapters and councils that find themselves confronted by

Trout Unlimited – Match 2023

Time’s running out to help trout and salmon Deadline Extended! Double Your Impact! Every dollar donated through January 7 will be matched dollar-for-dollar and you’ll get a great gift! Give to the Member Challenge Match and help reach our goal of turning $500,000 into $1,000,000. Your gift today protects our rivers and streams tomorrow. Time’s

Priority Waters – Get your hands dirty

The Trout Unlimited Priority Waters initiative is all about pulling together to care for and recover America’s trout and salmon watersheds. Our vision: volunteers and staff working hand-in-hand with partners and allies in their communities to protect, reconnect and restore more than 200 Priority Waters from Alaska to North Carolina, from California to Maine. We

Real Property Liability

The ownership of interests in real property raises significant risk for chapters, councils and for the whole organization. As a result, TU’s Board of Trustees has adopted several policies governing the acquisition by any part of TU, including chapters and councils, of interests in real property. As a general matter TU, at the national level

Headwaters Youth Program

Welcome! Our programs create a safe place for young people to explore and understand the natural world.  We serve children, teenagers and young adults through our Stream of Engagement, a connection of meaningful  programs from pre-K through college.  We are building the next generation of stewards that will carry on our coldwater conservation mission. Simply put, the Headwaters program is the source

TU Guidelines for Volunteers Working with Youth

Trout Unlimited’s (TU’s) mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. For our mission to succeed beyond our current generation, we must reach out now to children and youth to teach them to fish, to teach them about conservation, and to encourage them to become future leaders in our

Trout Unlimited

Fishing. Conservation. Community. We bring together diverse interests to care for and recover rivers and streams, so our children can experience the joy of wild and native trout and salmon. Please join us. Priority Waters are rivers and streams across America where Trout Unlimited is focusing our energies to care for and recover wild and

Council Board & Committee Resources

While council officers and the board often drive the council vision and set the strategy, the council committees are where the work of turning these goals into actions and identifying the tasks to implement, take place. As a committee member, you have stepped up to drive the work forward towards making streams healthier, connecting kids

Chapter Committee Resources

Chapter Committee Resources While chapter officers and the board often drive the vision for the chapter and set the strategy and goals, the committees of the chapter are where the work of turning these goals into actions, and of identifying the tasks to implement the work needed takes place. As a committee member, you have

Boating Liability

Boating events present good opportunities to engage current or prospective members in TU’s mission and to provide beneficial, on-the-water experiences for others. Boating events, however, present some risk of injury to the participants, and those events must be structured to minimize those risks. TU has prepared the following checklist for boating events sponsored by TU

Cultivating Community in the Time of COVID-19

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In what feels like a lifetime ago, I was a disaster relief volunteer.  I was always astonished with how grief stricken and tumultuous conditions could unite people in supporting one another with, oftentimes, simple acts of kindness.  As we are all experiencing this pandemic differently, I have found great comfort in how people are uniting