Responsible Mining and Energy Workgroup

The Responsible Mining and Energy Workgroup focuses on efforts to protect coldwater fisheries from the various modes of energy production: coal and hard rock mining, oil and gas drilling, wind, solar and nuclear. The goals of this workgroup are:
1. Provide a set of useful tools former chapters and councils that find themselves confronted by an extraction or energy project that could have a negative impact on cold water resources.
2. Work with all stakeholders and interested parties to ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to avoid or mitigate the impacts that extraction and energy project may have on Goldwater resources.
3. Act as a conduit between TU staff and grassroots membership to provide information and guidance on local and national extraction and every developments.

Committee Members

Chair: Jeff Arterburn, New Mexico

TU Staff Contacts: Ty Churchwell and Tasha Sorenson

Meets: The 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Responsible Mining and Energy Resources

This is the message map provided by the NLC Responsible Mining and Energy Workgroup.

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This document was provided by the Mining Workgroup in 2018