Driftless Area Restoration Effort Workgroup

Driftless Area Restoration Effort NLC Workgroup

The Trout Unlimited Driftless Area Restoration Effort (TUDARE) was started by Trout Unlimited volunteers to expand capacity for stream restoration projects in the unglaciated region of the Upper Mississippi River Basin in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. TUDARE works to bring together partners from nonprofit conservation groups, community groups, schools, federal, state, and other agencies to plan, fund, and carry out stream restoration projects benefiting a wide range of plant, animal and fish species on sites accessible to the public. TUDARE’s goal is to protect and restore the largest collection of limestone spring creeks in the world.

Committee Members

Chair: Bob Sodders, Iowa

Linn Beck, Wisconsin
Walter Bock, Illinois
Tim Fraley, Wisconsin
Todd Franklin, Wisconsin
Matt Jennings, Illinois
Amy Klusmeier, Wisconsin
Paul Krolak, Minnesota
Kim McCarthy, Wisconsin
Gerry Sapp, Illinois
Michael Stapleton, Wisconsin
Duke Welter, Wisconsin

TU Staff Contacts: Jeff Hastings