Land Conservancy Workgroup

The Land Conservancy of the NLC works to develop TU’s Land Conservancy Fund, akin to TU’s Embrace A Stream program, to assist land trusts and other conservancy groups in acquiring land and easements to protect coldwater resources and access to them.


Committee Members

Chair: Bill Pastuszek, Massachusetts
Secretary: Paul Doscher, New Hampshire
Garry Crago, Massachussetts

Ryan Maas, Iowa
Sal DeCarli, Connecticut
Michael Vito, Massachussetts
Graham Simmerman, Virginia
Paul McKee, South Carolina
James Kochanski, Texas

TU Staff Contact: Jeff Yates

Land Conservancy Resources

This is the message map provided by the NLC Land Conservancy Workgroup.

Land Protection Resources

Click here to access land protection resources such as TU’s Guide to Working with Land Trusts, TU’s Land Conservancy Fund information and more.