Land Conservancy Workgroup

Land Conservancy NLC Workgroup

Works to develop TU’s Land Conservancy Fund, akin to TU’s Embrace A Stream program, to assist land trusts and other conservancy groups in acquiring land and easements to protect coldwater resources and access to them.

Committee Members

Chair: Bill Pastuszek, Massachussetts
Secretary: Paul Doscher, New Hampshire
Garry Crago, Massachussetts

Ryan Maas, Iowa
Sal DeCarli, Connecticut
Michael Vito, Massachussetts
Graham Simmerman, Virginia
Paul McKee, South Carolina
James Kochanski, Texas

TU Staff Contact: Jeff Yates

Land Protection Resources
Click here to access land protection resources such as TU’s Guide to Working with Land Trusts, TU’s Land Conservancy Fund information and more.