Land Trust Partnerships

Trout Unlimited has a long history of collaborating with land trusts to conserve coldwater fisheries. Because we are not a land trust and do not have the specific mission of protecting and holding land, we work with partners in the land trust world to carry out this highly technical work. Trout Unlimited brings a variety of tools and support to land trusts that help conserve coldwater streams and watersheds.

Trout Unlimited’s land protection program has been working to develop sources of funding, success stories, volunteer effort, grant application and technical support for land trusts doing coldwater conservation work. Here are some things Trout Unlimited can offer:

  • Embrace A Stream cooperative projects: Land trusts often focus on the protection of a property leaving them very receptive to restoration assistance.
  • Trout habitat mapping support for funding requests and baseline documentation. Land trusts have used this watershed ranking tool to leverage grants, justify parcel priorities, and connect regional lands for larger funding initiatives.
  • Grassroots volunteer support for restoration projects, appropriations funding, and other projects of interest to local chapters.
  • Project support, facilitation and fisheries data from Trout Unlimited land preservation staff.
  • Land Conservancy Fund grants for land trust transaction costs that protect lands important to trout and salmon habitat. Learn more by reviewing the grant guidelines.

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