Great Lakes Workgroup

There is 21 % of the world’s freshwater contained within the boundaries of the Great Lakes. In fitting with Trout Unlimited’s Mission Statement to protect, restore, reconnect, and sustain coldwater fisheries, the Great Lakes NLC Workgroup (GLWG) is bringing to light the many complex issues affecting the Great Lakes Region. In doing so, the GLWG is seeking to provide scientific input and leadership into the resolution of the many problems in front of the Great Lakes Region. It is paramount that recognition and attention is given to the single largest source of coldwater in the United States.

The NLC’s Great Lakes Workgroup recently released A Case for the Great Lakes, a comprehensive look at the many challenges facing the region. Click the link above to download a copy.


Committee Members

Chair: Chris Steffen – Ohio


Ed Michael
Jerry Sapp
Greg Prosen
Walter Bock

Jim Kelehan

Al Woody
Bryan Burroughs
Greg Walz
Robb Smith
Tom Mundt
Tom Quail
Michael Sipkoski

John Lenczewski
Stephen Carlton
John Hunt

New York
Chuck Godfrey
Scott Seidman

Chris Steffen
Donald Dean
Jim Augustine

Joe Greco

Linn Beck
John Rennpfred
Kim McCarthy

TU Staff Contacts, Keith Curley and Taylor Ridderbusch

Great Lakes Resources

This is the message map provided by the NLC Great Lakes Workgroup