Real Property Liability

The ownership of interests in real property raises significant risk for chapters, councils and for the whole organization. As a result, TU’s Board of Trustees has adopted several policies governing the acquisition by any part of TU, including chapters and councils, of interests in real property. As a general matter TU, at the national level and at the council and chapter levels, is not set up to own or manage interests in real property and should own or manage interests in real property only in the most unusual circumstances. All of the policies listed below can be found in the Important Policies section of the Tacklebox.

Trout Unlimited Policy on the Ownership of Interests in Real Property:

This policy establishes a process for TU to follow if the national staff or a chapter or council wants to retain or acquire an interest in real property. The policy also addresses a process for the review and approval of office-space leases.

Trout Unlimited Policy on the Ownership of Access Rights for the Purpose of Recreational Fishing:

This policy establishes a process for all of TU to follow when acquiring, by agreement, access to privately held property for the purpose of recreational fishing. Some of these proposed agreements require the approval of the national staff.

Resolution Concerning the Prohibition of Holding Interests in Conservation Easements:

This Board resolution reaffirms the Board’s policy that no part of TU should own interests in conservation easements. While the Board of Trustees strongly encourages TU at every level to work to protect land and access to land for conservation and fishing, TU is not set up to manage and enforce conservation easements. TU should work with accredited land trusts and landowners to have land trusts acquire and enforce these easements.

Trout Unlimited General Policy and Guidelines for the Acceptance of Charitable Contributions:

While TU at every level welcomes gifts and contributions, some of those gifts, such as gifts of real property and closely held securities, can present liability issues. This policy identifies which kinds of gifts require review of the national staff before they may be accepted.