Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

The people who make up your leadership team are the biggest factor in your chapter or council success. Actively investing time and energy into a thoughtful and strategic recruitment process is the best way to facilitate placing the right leader into the right role while generating a pool of qualified leaders.

Watch: Learn more about organizing an effective recruitment committee in this video.


Identify Leadership Needs: Spend time reflecting on your current leadership team to forecast upcoming leadership needs and opportunities. Encourage your Diversity Initiative Committee to have a voice in this discussion as you review term limits, strategic plan goals and future initiatives to cultivate aspirational leadership goals.

Leadership Recruitment Tactics: Bolstering your knowledge of recruitment tactics can be critical in your committee success. Explore considerations to bring new leaders into your team in this video. Review leadership development tactics as you cultivate your efforts.

Committee Strategy Materials: Documenting leads and prospecting efforts is incredibly helpful for your current recruitment efforts as well as future use. Before your team gets started, customize your committee’s prospect documentation for maximum effectiveness (example). Employ lead generation activities like community mapping, membership surveys, and focused brainstorms with current leadership. Be prepared to prospect and elevate emerging leaders through special projects and committees.

Orientation Organization Resources: An orientation fosters a foundation for new leaders to have a fulfilling experience, effectively meet the role expectations and increase the likelihood that they will recruit additional members, donors and leaders. Set your leaders up for success from the start with an empowering orientation process. Learn more about organizing an orientation in this video. You may find it helpful to review or incorporate this video into your in-person orientation.

Leadership Support Tactics: Active and engaged leaders don’t just happen! We can invest in the recruitment process, welcome with an informative and inspirational orientation and, finally, provide on-going support throughout a leaders term to improve leader satisfaction and effectiveness. Your team may find it beneficial to review this video to gather ideas on how you might support your standing leaders. This video offers leadership development opportunities and ideas.

As you organize your committee, you are encouraged to connect with Lisa Beranek, Leadership Development Manager, to discuss the tactics and techniques best suited to prospect and place potential leaders for success.