Council Membership Committee

Council Membership Committee Duties

Many councils have a standing Membership Committee, or appoint a membership chair whose duties include growing and tracking the membership of the council. The council membership committee performs a key role by ensuring all chapters are following best practices for membership recruitment and retention, helping current members resolve membership issues, maintaining member’s contact information, and communicating changes or issues with members to TU staff. Using the roster and membership changes reports found in the Leaders Only Tools section of the website, the council membership committee tracks membership numbers and focuses on ways to drive membership growth in the state.

When Starting a Membership Committee or Taking Over as Membership Chair

  • Receive and review records from past membership chair. Ask the past chair for lessons learned and a full review of the prior year’s duties/activities.
  • Review the Membership Memo
  • Review the Membership Recruitment & Engagement Resources
  • Ensure your council chair enters you as the membership chair, or as a secondary membership chair if a committee is formed, in the Leaders Only Tools section of (so that you have access to the rosters, membership changes report, etc…)
  • Get into the Leaders Only Tools section and explore. Reach out to your Volunteer Operations Staff if you have any questions.

Ongoing Tasks of a Membership Committee or Chair

  • With the council executive committee, set membership growth goals for the state and develop plans for promoting this goal among the chapters, developing new member recruitment strategies and resources and supporting chapter membership recruitment
  • Report on status of council membership against these goals at each council meeting including: total membership, change from last meeting, new members, etc. This information is available from the membership changes report in the Leaders Only Tools section
  • Assist chapter membership committees with TU membership questions and problems
  • Ongoing quality control of the council roster