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  • Dam Removal

    RepYourWater stands with TU on Lower Snake

    Garrison and Corinne Doctor are the co-founders of a small company that punches way above its weight. If you don’t know this awesome young couple, you should. From the very first, they knew RepYourWater had to be about more than providing creative and unique designs on high-quality apparel and merchandise for people who love the…

  • Dam Removal

    StreamTech Boats stands with TU on Lower Snake proposal

    “I think we have a responsibility to wild fish and to wild rivers,” Link said. “In the 1800’s, the Snake River produced runs of two million fish – over half of the spring/summer Chinook salmon and summer steelhead came from this one basin. Even today, if you look at the entire Columbia River Basin, the Snake River has by far the greatest potential for recovering wild salmon and steelhead in the entire watershed.”

    I think I met Link Jackson from StreamTech Boats not long after I came to work at Trout Unlimited. I’m pretty sure it was in Missoula, and I recall our conversation clearly. Mostly, I remember thinking, “Wow! This guy knows boats!” First impressions are sometimes misleading, but this one wasn’t. It was dead-on. This guy…

  • Barriers

    What do dirt and gravel roads have to do with trout?

    Penn State's Bloser makes the connection for anglers In populated trout country, streams and roads are in frequent contact with one another. How those roads — including bridges — function is critically important to the health of those streams and the browns, brookies and rainbows that live in them. In Pennsylvania, the Center for Dirt and…

  • From the President Dam Removal

    The tipping point for salmon and steelhead

    These remarks were delivered yesterday at the 2021 Environmental Conference at the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University. I want to begin my remarks today by talking about SARs—not the viral respiratory disease, but the percentage of juvenile salmon or smolts that survive the ocean, and their trek through the dams, and return to spawn. Experts call this the “smolt to adult…

  • Dam Removal

    Living Waters Fly Fishing stands with TU on Lower Snake

    “Conservation is one of the pillars of the fishing community and as anglers we are meant to be stewards of the aquatic environment. The removal of dams unlocks so much more than just the water they hold - it unlocks the natural potential of anadromous fish. By deconstructing our own creations, we allow nature to rebuild itself in a way that we could never imagine! For this reason, as a business and as anglers, Living Waters Fly Fishing supports the removal of dams on the Snake River.”

    You may have heard of Living Waters Fly Fishing in Round Rock, Texas.  The shop is owned and operated by Chris and Emily Johnson. Whatever you know or don’t know about fishing in Texas, know this: These folks are the real deal. They’re Gold Level TU Business members and just great people. Chris and Emily…

  • Advocacy Dam Removal steelhead

    How do we bring back salmon and steelhead on the Lower Snake?

    So it turns out Rep. Mike Simpson isn’t messing around.   In February the Idaho Congressman announced intentions to finally tackle the decades-old problem of declining salmon and steelhead populations in the Lower Snake River. Scientific consensus points to the four Lower Snake Dams as the prime culprits.  In a video to the public, Simpson announced his intention to restore wild salmon…