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    TU’s interns rock!

    I have owned three suits in my life. The last one I bought was a classic seersucker to officiate at the outdoor wedding in Augustin Atlanta of my friends Neil and Mara (until that afternoon, I did not know one could sweat through a tie). The second was for my own wedding—a white linen suit,…

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    How are aquatic insects coping with climate change?

    A Willowemoc creek green drake. By Jerry Schoen We have seen a lot on the TU blog and elsewhere about how climate change is affecting fish and their cold-water habitats, but one under-appreciated concern is that climate change also disrupts the life cycles of aquatic insects. This, in turn, might upset entire freshwater food chains…

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    Restoring hope

    I would generally advise not spending the day before you head to Canada for a week long fishing trip with your 13-year-old son, and other TU supporters, in another state. But that is what I did the week before last. If you worry for the future of our country, attend next year's Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation…

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    A memorial for a giant

    A few weeks ago, the Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited and other partners met in Lovells, Michigan to dedicate a memorial to Art Neumann, the last surviving founder of Trout Unlimited who passed away last year. It was a great day, and Art's kids—TU members in good standing—attended the dedication, and wanted me to pass…