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    The wait is over, as trout eggs arrive at virtual TIC tank

    Trout eggs have arrived at Trailside Museum!

    Our new trout eggs made it safely to the Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. Help us welcome them to the tank! Trout eggs need to acclimate to the tank before being poured into their nest basket. Here they will hatch, grow, and develop for the next six weeks. Soon after fertilization, trout…

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    We Are TU: Crystal Elliot

    We care about clean water, healthy fisheries and vibrant communities. We roll up our sleeves to volunteer, we sit on our boards, and we strategize as members and leaders of staff. We want you to join us.  For a discounted first-time membership, click here:  The aim of this blog series is to highlight our friends, in…

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    Pebble Tapes intensify call for permit denial

    On Monday, a series of 12 videos showing Pebble Limited Partnership executives discussing various elements of the proposed Pebble Mine reveals their true intentions for a significantly larger mine in Bristol Bay, and detail considerable behind-the-scenes coordination with government officials.  Over the past two months, investigators posed as potential foreign investors in the Pebble Mine project had multiple recorded video conversations with now former Pebble…

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    Bristol Bay provides the common ground in today’s politics

    Another segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight hands the mic to one of Bristol Bay's loudest advocates: Brian Kraft.

    Bristol Bay has been in the news a lot lately — we've seen high-profile tweets, segments on mainstream national media platforms and critical statements of the Pebble Mine permitting process. Together these events have built momentum for the case opposing the proposed copper and gold mine, and important themes in the fight for southwest Alaska have re-emerged. Perhaps one of the…