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    Choosing the right float for the whole family

    The group text messages and emails have already started surfacing. Maybe it will become the topic of conversation in the corner at the annual holiday party. Your shiny new copy of the 2022 Trout Unlimited calendar has probably been opened a thousand times to start checking out the perfect dates. Can you guess what conversations…

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    Do you lend your boat to friends?

    This was a multi-day affair and a bachelor party at that, so I should have known better, but I stupidly let my boat go. Luckily for them the carnage happened after they had taken off.

    "Can I borrow your boat?"It's a question those of us who own our own watercraft have probably all heard. Loaning boats to friends is a topic as old as time and one on which everyone seems to have an opinion. I personally don't do it anymore, save a very precious few people I trust. I've…

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    The offseason: Time to check your medical kit

    No matter how mellow or intense your river trips are it’s not a matter of if you’ll need a full medical kit but when. Our family of four and many of our river friends begin planning our overnight river trips in the early spring and we don’t conclude the fun until well after Labor Day.…

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    A Drift Boat Made Entirely Of Bamboo

    Anyone remember the most over the top drift boat ever built? The one based off of Jason Canjune's 17' Kingfisher plans. The one with elk antler anchor arms, cup holders and Mahogany pulley wheels? Well, apparently people take those plans to extremes and really like that design as I've come across another home build of…

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    Boat books: Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks

    The Adirondacks hold a special place in my heart. For both the incredible memories I've made there over the years and the quirky, deeply ingrained boat culture and how it's evolved over the last few hundred years. Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks by author Hallie Bond brought me back every time I opened it.…

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    Top 5 cold weather boating essentials

    It had to come sooner or later. The boat is tucked away all clean and covered for the winter and we’ve now turned our attention to winter pastimes that probably don’t require a shuttle driver. It’s easy to hang it all up for the winter but, like winter fishing, the boating can live on as…