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    Surfboating: The coolest, craziest boat sport few have heard about

    surf the waves back in to the beach. First one to touch sand wins. It looks both gnarly and super fun if you're a whitewater enthusiast.

    Never heard of Surfboating? Neither had I until a few days ago. After going down a deep dark rabbit hole of boating on the internet as I often do, I found a few entries on the madness. I dove in and did a search that yielded info on what is a long and storied history…

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    Returning rapids

    Dams will forever change a river. Sometimes I sit and wonder what certain rivers must have been like prior to a dam’s construction. That typically brings about more questions than answers. What was the river like years before? Were there bigger rapids? What was the fishing like? What did the native cultures lose when we…

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    TU senior producer honored by OWAA

    Josh Duplechian on a photo shoot in southwest Colorado. Scott Willoughby photo. As a rule of thumb, the media team at TU doesn’t talk about itself--we’re in the business of making great content and putting the spotlight on other people who fix and protect rivers. But as editor-in-chief of TU, I am grateful every day…

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    Stop apologizing and start asking questions

    I wouldn’t call myself an expert boater. I don't row the biggest lines or guide anglers on famous stretches of fabled trout water. What I can do is get my family and friends safely down most stretches without significant issues. Surprisingly, I’ve rowed for very few anglers in my seven years behind the oars. Our…

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    How to fish streamers from a boat

    This past week I was lucky enough to play hooky for a day and float a glorious 10-mile stretch of my favorite river with a good friend. We went with the intention of fishing dry flies. Specifically Blue Winged Olives. While there was sporadic activity with those dainty little mayflies the real star of the…