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    Redington Prowler Pro wading boots

    Over the past few years, Redington has boldly reinvented itself. What used to be a budget fly-fishing equipment manufacturer is now a quality-based company that produces good equipment for anglers of all stripes for prices that are sometimes significantly lower than their competitors. But let's be clear. Nobody is going to mistake Redington's soft-good equipment…

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    Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler

    While I would prefer to be remembered as well-suited to review something like a nice new tip-flex 6-weight, because of my propensity to fish big water for large, wild trout... it would be entirely disingenuous to pretend I was not perfectly-suited for the Fishewear wine hydroflask tumbler. For one, Fishewear is a woman-owned company and…

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    Loon Ergo fly-tying tools

    Good fly-tying tools are hard to find. Often, you get exactly what you pay for. Scissors that fall apart or quickly dull. Bobbins that slice thin thread in the middle of a pattern. You know, predictably cheap stuff. But not Loon Outdoors products. I've been using Loon tying tools for a couple of years now,…

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    Redington Escape waders

    First a disclaimer. If I don't have to wear waders, I won't. Simple as that. I'd rather wet-wade. But the weather doesn't always make standing in trout water up to your midsection a practical proposition. Fall, winter and spring in the northern Rockies demand some protection from the elements, and good waders provide that protection.…