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    Senate reviews TU-supported public lands bills

    Public lands are vital for trout fishing in America. Any decent map proves this. A hearing in the U.S. Senate on Oct. 19 provided a major opportunity to highlight the importance of public lands for coldwater conservation and to advance legislation that will better protect and restore some of the most famous trout, salmon and…

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    Oft-divided groups tour ranch along the Wyoming-Colorado border

    FFA president joins Trout Unlimited and other partners to urge passage of infrastructure funding to ensure water security in the West By Laura Ziemer and Pat O'Toole It’s not every day that you see municipal, agricultural, and conservation interests coming together around big, substantive issues. Last month, these diverse interests jointly urged Congress to include resources for water, forestry and ecosystem…

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    Congress must act to reform ancient mining laws

    Abandoned hard-rock mines create some of the most significant water quality problems facing our country, but in Congress we have an opportunity to invest in cleaning up pollution of the past, while modernizing our mining laws so we don’t face the same issues in the future. With an estimated $54 billion in cleanup costs and tens of thousands of abandoned mines polluting our lands and waters, action is long…

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    Four public lands bills make it out of the House

    Now, let's get them passed in the Senate

    Now, let's get them passed in the Senate Here at Trout Unlimited, we couldn’t do our work nor enjoy opportunities to fish for the trout and salmon we love without public lands.   Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass a slate of public land provisions to protect important trout and salmon habitats across…

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    Congress needs to act on climate change to protect fishing, outdoor economy

    As I drove down to the river access, I couldn’t help but notice the expanse of sun-bleached stones signifying lower-than-usual flows.

    My dog, Cooper, gave me a plaintive stare as I loaded up the truck on a chilly May morning, the dawn light just beginning to break over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Normally my German shorthaired pointer is a fixture on all my fishing trips, but on that day I was planning to wade the…