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    Plying the Andean flats for giant browns

    Chris Hunt photo. A distinctly tropical experience in a distinctly trouty wonderland Imagine gliding over that stereotypical, crystal-clear Caribbean flat in search of bonefish or permit, your Spanish-speaking guide doing his best to meet you on your side of the language barrier. Everything is just as it should be. The wind is modest. The sun…

  • Trout Talk Featured

    Jumping the shark

    I have many bad habits, for sure, but the one fly-fishing vice I cannot break is casting at mako sharks off the California coast with flies.  It started nearly 20 years ago when I met Conway Bowman while writing the book Tideline. That led to a larger story for Field& Stream magazine (“Flyfishing Gone Mad”) a couple years later.…

  • Trout Talk Featured

    No fish dry in July

    Take photos of everything ... but the fish Our friends at Keep Fish Wet and Ten And Two Co. have announced “No Fish Dry July,” a campaign that encourages anglers to ask themselves, “Do I really need a photo of that fish?” and challenges them not to take a single fish photo for the month…

  • Boats Featured

    Do you even surf, bro?

    What, does this have to do with fishing you ask? Nothing really, other than it got me pondering about utilizing whitewater techniques for fishing and vice versa.

    The absurd image and video you see here is me taking one of my boats out for its maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago on the North Saint Vrain (thank you Charlie Bloch for the video). We got said boat more for paddling fun on local creeks and rivers, and stealthy fish missions --…

  • Trout Talk Featured

    A summer for Plan B

    When water temperatures approach the mid-60s on your favorite trout stream, it's time for a back-up plan. Chris Hunt photo. The calendar said it was June 18. Not even summer yet. But we hit the mid-90s two weeks earlier and the heat hadn’t really let up. Sure, you could get away from it up high…