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    Boat Books: Drift Boats and River Dories

    Roger Fletcher's book, Drift Boats and River Dories sat on my shelf for many years before I actually picked it up and leafed through it. Why I waited so long I couldn't tell you — I think at first glance it looks like a dense, "how-to" dictionary on wooden boat building. Which it is. In…

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    Nothing beats the heat like a Bimini

    This year I custom fit a stainless, Sunbrella material version from River Sombrero to my drift boat of all things

    As an angler first when I started boating, I’ve been a little slow to the "shade game" on my vessels as it was never a priority. Since having kids (the main reason), doing extended desert floats, and multi-day trips where fishing isn’t really part of the equation, I’ve become a little softer in my old…

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    TU tested: the Tornado Anchor

    I'll be honest, I never really thought there was much difference in what anchor you choose for your raft or drift boat, other than the different types used for very specific river bottoms or volume of water. There are pyramid anchors, spike anchors, digger anchors, three sided ... or even a bag of rocks. They…