• Conservation

    Newsletter features 2020 highlights for Great Lakes team

    We all know that 2020 was far from a normal year. Despite the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Trout Unlimited’s Great Lakes team soldiered on. The team, which continues to grow, was able to accomplish many key projects in the field as well as to continue advocacy efforts. Below are a few of the highlights from 2020, as well as a look ahead…

  • Science

    TU’s science programs in Great Lakes keep growing

    By Jake Lemon  Trout Unlimited's team in the Great Lakes region continues to expand on its ambitious science-related initiatives, which are critical in informing protection and restoration projects in the region.  TU continues to support our chapters and partners in enhancing their water monitoring activities with the Mayfly sensor station, a low-cost real-time stream monitoring technology. Developed by Stroud Water…

  • Community

    Trout Unlimited activates ‘tree army’ in Michigan

    By Jamie Vaughan With planting bags slung over their shoulders, gloves and a specialized tree planting tool called a "hoedad" in hand, the Rogue River Tree Army descended toward the river. In just three weeks, 16,000 newly planted trees took root in their new home, providing immediate benefits to the Rogue River watershed that will only increase with time.  This large-scale tree planting initiative was conceived by Trout Unlimited in 2017 and came to fruition this spring thanks…

  • Conservation

    Newsletter highlights successes in Great Lakes region

    Trout Unlimited continues to increase its efforts in the Great Lakes region. The past year saw a wide range of success across the “Protect, Reconnect, Restore and Sustain” components of our mission. Projects included habitat restoration of more than 17 miles of high-priority coldwater streams and improving/replacing several barriers to fish passage to open additional…

  • Conservation

    With bi-partisan support, GLRI Act flies through House

    On Feb. 5 the United States House of Representatives passed HR 4031, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Act.  This bill seeks to increase the GLRI funding back to its original levels of $475 million.   The bill had support from 50 bi-partisan co-sponsors and passed 373-45.  Additionally, 15 Representatives spoke in support of the bill. They…