Josh Duplechian

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    Artists in conservation

    TU is hosting its first-ever Artists in Conservation week

    An illustrator starts with a line, a photographer begins with light and a filmmaker may begin with documenting critical words from an educated voice.   Beginnings may be obscure, but the end goal is clear. Their art exists to put us in a place. It forms a connection. It tells a story. Art evokes emotion and emotion leads us to take action. Since the…

  • Public Lands Month photography contest

    It's public lands month at Trout Unlimited. It's also photo/video contest time! During the month of September, post a picture or short video on Instagram featuring America’s public lands, use the hashtag #publiclandsmonth and tag @troutunlimited for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen at random each Saturday and we’ll be awarding our exclusive…

  • Not mine, ours.

    By Tom Reed It doesn’t take long after the bar is open before the first drink order comes in. Hey Tom, can you make me a Smith River Special? You bet buddy. A Smith River Special is cranberry juice with a splash of club soda and a slice of lime and Gordon, 7, loves them.…