TU Volunteer Printshop

The TU Volunteer Printshop

The TU Volunteer Printshop provides you with an easy-to-use and affordable way to print high-quality, beautifully designed business card, posters, flyers, postcards, tickets and more. These print products are easy for you to personalize with your chapter’s event information.

Whether you are promoting your upcoming chapter fundraiser, hosting a family fishing day, or planning a conservation project, the posters, postcards, tickets and other print materials you can design and print in the TU Volunteer Printshop are sure to help you fill seats, draw a larger attendance and promote your work in your community.

Your Volunteer Operations Staff has insights and advice on ways other chapters and councils have used the print shop templates to increase attendance, raise funds and recruit members.

Most Popular Print Shop Resources

There are so many great templates you can use to create custom print materials in the TU Volunteer Printshop, the following are some of the most commonly used by chapters and councils:

  • TU Business Cards – Creating custom business cards for all of your board members and active volunteers is a great way to empower them to be ambassadors for your chapter and spreading the word with all the anglers and conservationists that they meet.
  • Postcard Printing & Mailing – Postcards are a great way to get the word out and printing and mailing them to your members and supporters is a proven, effective strategy to ensure the word reaches everyone, even those not on email. Better yet, they are affordable, at around $0.50 per person to send!
  • TU Membership Applications – Your chapter receives a $15 rebate for every new member you recruit to TU, so why not invest in some great, custom membership applications that make it easier for your board and volunteers to sign up new members, many of whom will step forward to help locally.
  • Stream Explorers Magazines – Keep the excitement going and growing for youth interested in fishing and conservation by handing them a copy of Stream Explorers, the 4-page magazine designed just for them! These are great handouts to have at festivals, family-friendly community events and chapter activities. Order a stack and drop off 30 copies in each classroom when you deliver eggs for Trout in the Classroom and the kids will have something to take home and show their parents and make the connection between their excitement and your great work and local community.
  • Raffle Tickets – Running a raffle for your banquet, barbecue or planning a year-round “dream trip” fundraising raffle? These perforated and designed tickets are just the, well, the ticket, for your fundraising needs. Easy to customize with your local prizes, and individually numbered. For questions on state by state raffle legalities, please reach out to Q (q.collins@tu.org).