Fiscal Year Change Process Information

In June 2018, the TU Board of Trustees voted to change TU’s fiscal year, including that of all TU chapters and councils, moving the fiscal year to April 1 through March 31. The transition to the new fiscal year for TU’s chapters and councils will be supported by national.

For information about what this process will involve for your chapter or council and what resources are available, review the Fiscal Year Change Process FAQ and Timeline document.

TU will file an application for a change of accounting period with the IRS on behalf of the entire exempt group. All chapters and councils will be required to submit a TU Subordinate Fiscal Year Change Authorization Letter to the IRS authorizing TU to include the chapter or council in the group application by Feb. 15, 2019. Staff will collect the signed copies for all chapters and councils to submit to the IRS. This letter should be signed by each chapter and council and e-mailed to Nick Halle at