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    Race up Rock Creek

    Rock Creek trout

    Last year it was Larry who wowed the crowd with his 140 mile swim. This year, Trash Can Jr. is in the lead, migrating nearly 50 miles to date. But the real question is what the heck is going on with Wesley Cooper Saywell Farty Pants? It’s the 4th and final year for the Race…

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    A bridge over No Name Road

    A landowner’s love of his rural California land and the tiny steelhead stream that flows through it is key to the success of a challenging TU-led fish passage improvement project. Bruce Dormody was born and raised on a secluded, 2,600-acre property in the hills above Carmel Valley, Calif., operated for decades as San Clemente Rancho,…

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    TU in your state legislature

    As state legislatures begin to wrap up we thought it might be time you meet the faces behind the scenes — ones keeping your public lands in public hands and safeguarding fish, wildlife and your fishing habits. Trout Unlimited has been working in state legislatures across the country for more than a decade, finding…

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    Get to know the Owyhees

    The name “Owyhee” comes from an early anglicization of the name for Hawai’i and natives from the islands were known as Owyhee. In 1819, three Owyhee joined Donald Mackenzie’s Snake expedition, which went out annually into the Snake country for the North West Company. The three Hawaiians left the main party during the winter of 1819-20 to explore the…

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    What makes sense when it comes to energy on public lands? Click here to ask your Member of Congress to act today! We’ve seen plenty of attempts to pit conservation against energy development in recent weeks, but the reality of what is best both for community and conservation probably lies somewhere in that murky grey area that can never quite be captured in a headline.  At issue is the…