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    Fly tying: Rusher’s Steelhead Nymph

    Tim Flagler has steelhead on the brain. It is that time of year, though, so all is forgiven. On Western rivers that run to the sea, these far-traveling, ambitious rainbows have come home, and they're in the tailouts and the deep pools, waiting winter out just like the rest of us. In the upper Midwest,…

  • Conservation

    Utah approves TU’s first in-stream flow lease

    A recently acquired water lease on Utah's Weber River could help migratory native Bonneville cutthroat populations survive low water events. Trout Unlimited photo. By Paul Burnett Working within the constraints of Western Water Law to develop mechanisms for keeping water in streams is a slow and difficult process. After several years of groundwork from Trout…

  • Conservation

    TU scores victory for brook trout in Pa.’s Twomile Run

    TU stream sampling efforts recently turned up wild brook trout in Pennsylvania's Twomile Run, a stream in the Kettle Creek watershed that had been dead for decades due to abandoned mine drainage that was addressed by passive treatment systems. By Amy Wolfe With some projects, the results are immediately tangible. Take for instance a project…