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  • Gear reviews

    Trout-inspired Sandals

    Chaco is excited to release an exclusive line of trout influenced sandals, inspired by the bold myriad of colors you can find in trout species. This collection celebrates the important work Trout Unlimited does restoring and reconnecting rivers and streams across North America while helping build community and partnerships. Chaco’s dedication to conservation is ingrained…

  • Fishing

    Trout Love Snow

    Person in wide river casting with snowy mountains behind

    The rest of us, not so much. Winter continues in the West, but that’s ok with us anglers.   There’s a common schtick these days in the grocery store, the post office, the coffee shop. “Can you believe this winter? When is spring going to get here? Man, I’m over this.”   It’s past mid-April now and…

  • Headwaters

    NYC Students Benefit from Trout in the Classroom

    Several elementary kids look closely at a tank full of fish

    This enduring program teaches city students the value of a healthy environment  Trout in the classroom: it’s a concept that’s been around Trout Unlimited and executed to great effect for more than three decades. The idea is simple: install a fish tank, fill it with water, insert eggs, watch them hatch and grow, learn about…

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    Cast better. 

    Seen from water level, man stands in river and casts

    Know the number one factor that turns a zinger fly cast into a clunker.  Don't feel bad. All of us have at least one flaw in our casting strokes. But there’s one flaw that can turn an otherwise great cast into a dud. The bad news is that most people who make this mistake don’t…

  • Fishing

    Catch and Release: The Big Picture 

    Trout being held underwater by man's hand

    Brian Hodge of TU's Science team sits down with the facts to give us a not so simple answer.  How anglers interact with a trout or salmon fishery can be, in and of itself, a conservation consideration. Questions like “How much pressure does a river get?” “How many fish are kept?” and “How are released…