• Travel

    Long live the Gila trout

    Seven of us pierced the Gila wildlands that day, and, despite the best efforts of a clueless pot-shotter, all seven of us made it out without holes in our hides. We never figured out who was shooting or what they were shooting at

    Gila trout in New Mexico.

    Huddled as close to the fallen tree as we could get, Kirk and I looked at each other, our eyes wide with surprise and a touch of fear. The bullet had missed us by a wide margin, but the fact that we could hear it as it zinged overhead after the ricochet was unnerving. "Wait…

  • Advocacy

    Wildfire and climate change in Utah sparks conversation

    By Andy Rasmussen This summer Utah has suffered through a near record wildfire season. And residents along the Wasatch Front have been breathing smoke from California’s four million burned acres for the past two months. Catastrophic wildfire on this scale can destroy everything Trout Unlimited works so hard to accomplish. High-country rivers and headwaters can…

  • From the President

    Fixing what ails our western forests and communities

    The haze over the early morning sun spurred a call from a friend. “Did you see the moon this morning? It’s wild!” It wasn’t the moon, but it was wild. Wildfires 3,000 miles away shrouded the sun in smoke.   The light smoke in Washington, D.C., signaled devastation in the West. In California, for example, at least 26 people have perished from wildfire, and more than 7,000 structures were destroyed. In…

  • Voices from the river

    The tonic of wildness

    If you are active in the outdoors, it’s hard to beat living in the American West. That’s because all states west of the Great Plains have big swaths of public lands available for fishing and hunting. Except when big swaths of extraordinary wildfire shut them down. Right smack in the middle of Public Lands Month.…

  • Advocacy

    The importance of quality partnerships

    Across the country, Trout Unlimited takes pride in its long-standing partnership with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). In many western states, enormous national forests containing many vital watersheds and trout streams are in desperate need of restoration to help prevent catastrophic wildfires and to protect those aquatic resources. The existing partnerships frame those challenges and opportunities.  In Arizona,…

  • Science

    New study links human influence to recent megadrought

    Apache and Gila trout face vast new challenges thanks to landscape alterations What do two 19-year intervals separated by four centuries have in common, and what do the similarities mean for native trout? A recent study reconstructed climate for Southwestern North America, including California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, and found the years 1575-1593 and…