Living with fire

Living with Fire

Discover how increased drought and a longer fire season has changed how we fish and what it means for the sport

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    Sign, sign everywhere a sign

    Author Dan Ritz hits the end of the road while trying to get to a better of idea of why he couldn't fish for the Little Kern golden trout. Dan Ritz photo. Golden Trout Wilderness Area is closed, but a connection to the Little Kern golden trout was still made Daniel Ritz is fishing across the…

  • Living with Fire

    North Umpqua fire changes complexion of an iconic river

    We stopped first at Swiftwater Park.  My brother, Greg, and I always start there when we fish the North Umpqua searching for summer steelhead.  It’s not much of a park, really. Just some parking next to the river, along with his and her’s vault toilets.   The river is the attraction. This is the final upstream spot before reaching the North’s famous fly-only water. We…

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    Bugs have stories to tell

    Since the beginning of time fire has played a big part in shaping the western landscape. And that is even more true today with larger, more intense fires with more frequency. We dove into two researchers' stories who determine the impacts of fires to forests and ultimately our beloved rivers––one in the summer issue of…

  • Living with Fire

    TU staffers turn 2020’s Oregon wildfires into opportunity to improve resiliency

    People all around Oregon woke on Sept. 8, 2020, to high winds, extensive power outages and lots of speculation by foresters that it could be the worst day of fires in Oregon’s history. That’s exactly what it turned out to be for Chrysten Lambert, TU’s Oregon director for Western Conservation, and many others when three wildfires whipped through the area in a split second…