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Fly tying: JC’s Electric Steelie Stone

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Being a western angler, I’m not terribly familiar with the steelhead flies used in Great Lakes tributaries. Most western steelhead patterns are purple or pink or some color variation that just looks loud and gawdy. Higher up in the steelhead drainages, like here in Idaho, it’s easier to get awa y from the “eggy” and

New Zealand mud snails in Michigan trout streams

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More than 180 non-native species have been introduced to the Great Lakes region, and many of them have been categorized as invasive, causing potential threat to native ecosystems and their populations.   One relative newcomer is causing concerns about its potential risks to the region’s trout streams.  The New Zealand mud snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) is an aquatic invasive that has appeared in Great Lakes streams only recently. 

30 Great Places: Huron-Manistee National Forest

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Region: MidwestActivities: FishingSpecies: Brook, brown and rainbow trout; steelhead; Chinook and Coho salmon Where: The Huron-Manistee National Forest stretches nearly one million acres across the northern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, touching Lake Michigan in the west and Lake Huron in the east. Home to diverse ecosystems ranging from coastal marshlands to oak savannahs, the

Grand Valley State students shoot ‘Tree Army’ film

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Last fall, Grand Valley State University students from the ‘Producing for Clients’ class worked with Trout Unlimited staff in Michigan to produce a video covering the exciting new initiative called the Rogue River Tree Army. Students filmed footage and interviews over multiple field days as the Tree Army, made up of staff and volunteers, planted thousands of

Trump budget bad for clean water, cold water fisheries

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Trump Administration budget ignores Americans support for clean air and waterCuts will harm agencies already strapped for funds CONTACT: Steve Moyer / Trout Unlimited(703) 447-8401, Kate Miller / Trout Unlimited(703) 489-6411, (May 23, 2017) Washington D.C. — President Trump released his detailed budget today proposing deep cuts to agencies and

What Trump’s budget means for anglers

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“The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value.”— President Teddy Roosevelt [STAND UP FOR CONSE RVATION FUNDING HERE] Land and water conservation are taking a direct hit in President Trumps proposed budget. In his message to

Trump Administration budget ignores Americans’ desire for clean air, water

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Volunteers assist TU staff on a riparian corridor planting project in the upper Potomac River watershed in West Virginia. Elimination of funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program, as proposed in President Trump’s FY2018 budget, would devastate stream restoration efforts that are helping to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. The proposed FY 2018 budget

TU replanting Michigan forests hit by ash borer

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By Jamie Vaughan While emerald ash borer is old news in Lower Michigan, the impacts are still playing out today.   In Sparta, ash trees once dominated the floodplain forests along Nash creek. Now, few live trees remain among thousands of dead trees in various states of decay.   With limited markets for firewood, poor accessibility due to saturated soils, and risks

Work on small tribs in Michigan creates big impacts

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Trout Unlimited staff and partners braved snow and cold to finish a fish passage project on Hinton Creek in Michigan. By Jeremy Geist Headwater streams are a critical component to the overall health of a watershed and largely add to the biodiversity of a whole river system. These types of streams are the ones we

Great Lakes Stream Restoration program makes big gains in 2017

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By Laura MacFarland In 2017, Trout Unlimited staff and volunteers helped to reconnect 42 miles of coldwater habitat within the Peshti go River watershed in Northern Wisconsin, as part of TU’s Great Lakes Restoration Program. In collaboration with the Forest Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 10 inadequate culverts were replaced with fish-friendly

Trout Unlimited Asks Manufacturers to Eliminate Production of Felt-Soled Waders and Equipment by 2011

09/12/2008 Trout Unlimited Asks Manufacturers to Eliminate Production of Felt-Soled Waders and Equipment by 2011 September 12, 2008 Contact: Erin Mooney, National Press Secretary 703-284-9408 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Trout Unlimited Asks Manufacturers to Eliminate Production of Felt-Soled Waders and Equipment by 2011Effort will help prevent spread of aquatic nuisance species in Americas rivers and streams.

Great Lakes guide to stopping aquatic hitchhikers

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By following a few simple steps, anglers can do their part to slow the spread of invasives We know anglers are inundated with information about preventing the spread of things that threaten our freshwater resources.   In the Great Lakes, we are distressed by the risk posed by New Zealand Mud Snails (NZMS) and Didymo (recently

Parkside Elementary, TU team up to protect Rum Creek in Mich.

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By Jamie Vaughan Rockford – Parkside Elementary students are changing the way their school is impacting their neighboring trout stream. The past two years, Parkside fifth graders have been analyzing the health of Rum Creek, an important coldwater tributary to the Rogue River, and decided they wanted to improve the footprint of the school on

Salmo Java Roasters

Salmo Java was born out of a passion for fly fishing, the outdoors and coffee. Like most of our coffee names it’s a play on words. Salmo is the primary genus in the salmon family, and Java refers to coffee. All because we love chasing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and lake run brown trout (Salmo